Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bloomin' Misha

Misha has been blooming again.

I mean, that he has been making some great progress on his speech. Instead of laughing at us, he actually tries new words and sounds. Side note: his signs are progressing as well.

He picked up "cookie" about a week ago. Ira just thought he might be able to pronounce it and sure enough, he did. Yesterday, I was lounging on the couch and Misha was sitting on my belly and I ran him through the English alphabet. A bunch of the letters were garbled or not pronounced very well, but that was the first time he has sat there for so long and been willing to try new sounds. Of course, he got tired of it as soon as I got to the Russian alphabet.

Hopefully I will get un-lazy and get a blog with a vid of Misha from a recent activity this evening. We'll see.

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Melanie said...

He's going to be talking in sentences by the time we see him next. He is so dang cute. I'm just amazed at how far he has come. I promise we are going to call Alisa soon. We just keep forgetting until it is too late in the day. Tell her Happy B-Day for us and we will call soon. Love Mel