Thursday, January 15, 2009

Give me your tired, your hot, your hungry masses yearning to breathe free.

She made it...finally. Tuesday morning, we made the trek up to SLC with all the kids, some relatives, and extras to a theater near the district court for Ira's Naturalization Oath Ceremony.

So with some excitement and a little bit of sadness, she raised her right hand, repeated the oath and woohoo, is an American Citizen.

I gotta say was torturous for me. What I will say is if you have the opportunity to participate in the future...leave smaller children home.

Unfortunately the balcony in the theater was about 90 degrees. The kids were dying. While we were supposed to be there promptly at 9 am. they didn't start until around 10 am. So she was sitting with the rest of the applicants, I was up in the overhot balcony with 6 hot, bored, hungry kids. At least until Mom showed up and relieved me of one of them. Then I had only wiggly Misha to take care of.

Once it started, it was fairly short and well paced. Part of the delay may have been the pregnant lady who went into labor and was administered the oath outside, then sent off in an ambulance to the hospital.

We celebrated by going to McDonalds cause the kids were starving, the Russian store cause Ira wanted to, and the stayed at home. I even got a nap. It was bliss.

All aside, I am glad we have hit this milestone. Now we can invite Baba Liza and she can get a green card. Yay.

Misha update: Misha is saying "hot"...more like "haa", but he is using it appropriately. He is also using "uh-oh" appropriately like when he drops something (intentionally or not), when someone else drops something, or when I start counting. He also started mimicing Kiril's lament, "Oh, man!"


Natalie J said...

Congrats Ira. I was honored to be there. I thought it was a neat experience that every natural-born US citizen should have the opportunity to have. It helped me to be more aware of my freedoms and appreciate them more.

Josh, I think they told everyone 9, so that there would in no way be anyone late. The reason I say that is, when I was trying to figure out where I was going to have to sit, there was someone who worked there, that was helping me around. I asked him what time it started and how long it lasted. This was about 8:45 when I asked him. He said "The ceremony starts at 10 am and lasts just one hour". I think the 9 am notice was just to get everyone there on time. Who can blame them!

Anyway, it was a great experience for me to go and Misha even talked to me for the first time. It was nice!

Melanie said...

YEAY FOR IRA! We are so proud of her.

I WISH I could have been there. If there is one thing that SUCKS about living away from everyone else it is being able to be there for days like these.

Way to go girl!

Natasha said...

Grats Ira! I still have to do that same thing someday...You did great!