Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sibling rivalry

Misha has sibling rivalry issues big time. Whenever one of us is holding Nikolai or playing with him, feeding him, or whatever, Misha is there, vying for attention. Even if he has just eaten, he begs off Nikolai's food. When he is just changed, he will beg to be changed again if we are changing Nikolai. I already blogged on how he will try and push him away, or put his foot on his head. I have now found out a good use for this.

I was trying to get Misha to follow a 2-3 step instruction set. Go to your room, get a diaper, bring it back so we can change you. Misha was not moving. No motivation. He just looked at me and wandered over to a book and wasn't going to do it. After several times of trying to get him to do it, I finally told him, "Ok, I guess will change Nikolai's diaper then." Shooooom, Misha was off like a shot. Ran down the hall as fast as his wobbly little legs could take him and was back in record time with not one, but two diapers, climbed on the couch and was lying down waiting for me to change his diaper.

I wonder if it will work when it's bed time. "Misha, I guess I will have to go put Nikolai in bed."


Natalie J said...

He is such a normal kid. Ashton and Xander have huge rivalries too. All I have to say to Xander is "Ok, Ashton will do it" Works like a charm.

Shay said...

haha that's cute! You will have to use that to your advantage for sure!

Melanie said...

HeeeeeeeHeeeeeee! I love it ! That boy is smart!