Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 wrap-up short list

--Successful Russian New Year's party, one 2.5 families.
--Kiril gets baptized.
--Ira battles the system and gets Misha into Giant Steps. (It's been great for him).
--Another farm trip to Lyman, UT. Skipped this one too (had to work, whew). Kids loved it.
--Start Baba Liza's green card process.
--Misha and Nikolai in competition. Lots of progress for both.
--Did round 1 on the HCG diet. Lost some weight.
--Misha starts hugging and kissing people.
--Started temple work for Ira's family (got her crotchety ole dad baptized finally).
--Get Baba Liza's green card.
--Successful Russian New Year's party, 60 people, no accidents.

1 comment:

Melanie said...

There seems to be a common theme to the beginning and ending of your year. :)

Fun year....lots of good things happening!

I hope this year is just as good.

Love you guys!

Tell everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR for us and....happy anniversary too.