Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dino Museum

Misha's school had a field trip to the dinosaur museum that Thanksgiving Point. I got off work early to take him and also dragged along my new toy--Nikon D3000. So here are some pictures:

Aside from bolting toward the nearest exit the first time he saw a dinosaur, Misha mostly ignored the bones. He was more interested in the fence, or the fishes in the water, or the emergency doors and light switches.

Unless it was the erosion table. He would have played in there for hours if I hadn't have dragged him away.

He was keen on the prehistoric fish:

The giant shark didn't even phase him:

And played for a while in the sand pit. He is good buddies with one of his instructors:

But his favorite part of the day was getting windblown when we were leaving:

It was a good day.


Melanie said...

:) Cute. He is so cute.

By the way, nice camera. We just got a new one as well.

Natalie J said...

Nice pics! I still have never been there. I may have to take my boys sometime this summer.

ckinser said...

Hi my name is Carina I am trying to find a support group with families that are dealing with 1P36 do you know what link I can go to? my email is My little boy was just diagnosised on tuesday

Candle Ends said...


There certainly is. There is a Yahoo! groups page and this one A lot of the same people are on both. How old is you son?

Lessa said...

That is awesome... Mish is the best.