Friday, January 25, 2008

An update

The household update:

Ira is still pregnant. She regresses even more into her sleepy shell as time goes on. We have been reading the book for her book club together...that is I have been reading it out loud while she listens until she falls asleep. She rather enjoys it.

Alisa got into "trouble" recently at school for not staying on task because she is too busy reading a book in class. Had to have a talk and threaten her with punishment aside from restricting her reading activities to recess and home. It's a double edged sword. On one hand it's a good thing she likes to read. She has a good memory and books fill her up. On the other hand, her grades took a dip this semester (in class grades, homework was fine). And I have to admit that I get extremely frustrated when doing her math homework that I have to explain concepts behind problems she has been doing ALL YEAR LONG!!! Line graphs are the worst. But other than that, she is a good helper, especially with Misha. Of the three kids, she bonds with him the best and he reciprocates.

Kiril also was mentioned by his teacher as being disruptive in class. He will raise his hand, then not say anything. He also talks and turns around. Which is what he does at home. At the dinner table, I have to threaten his life so that he will sit down in his seat and eat instead of jabber. It was his birthday yesterday and got some Star Wars Legos and the starter set for the Orc/Knight battle game. He also recently started Irish step dancing and was complimented on his first day for one of the dance moves. All his talent will come to frutation, it seems.

Dasha is usually quite a bit of fun. She also started Irish step dancing and enjoys it. Whereas Alisa will find a book and sit reading for hours whether or not she is supposed to be doing something else, and Kiril will demand your attention to keep him busy, Dasha can occupy herself quietly and productively for a long time. Where Asya will sit and hum some random note progression like a broken radio, Dasha will make up songs to sing to herself. She is quite independent and times, but enjoys the company of mom and dad. Yesterday she and Ira went for a walk with the dog to deliver invitations to Kiril's party. On the way, Dasha talked and talked and then told Ira she wanted to go for walks every evening.

Misha is...well....Misha. He has hit a plateau of sorts with some things, but still progresses slowly. He still does things that surprise me. On Sunday at Mom's, he was wandering around and ended up near the TV. He picked up a DVD case, got Ira's attention, pointed the video, then at the TV. And it wasn't even a video that he watches. In explanation, he is quite sensitive to new audio/video entertainment. Ira has to force him to read a new book several times before he accepts it and will ask to read it. New songs make him cry and run away. Videos are similar, but I think the visual stimuli is more tantalizing and he is more forgiving. He has started to show Ira when he wants his diaper changed, like when he is stinky. That is great news. We might get him potty trained before he starts preschool. Its a lofty goal, but it would be cool.

And me, I am just me. I ride the bus to work. I work. I come home, do dinner, help the kids with the homework and read (the month without tv/games is nearly over, heh, heh, heh). Life is fairly simple in most respects.

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Melanie said...

It's fun to read your blog. I can totally see Alisa doing her own thing in class. That is so typical of her (off in a cloud). She is a smart girl and she will do fine. Kiril is a crack up, dasha is sweet and misha is adorable. We had a lot of fun being there with you guys. Tell everyone we love them.