Friday, June 13, 2008

Misha "UP"date

Ira and Misha at hospitalMisha surprised me yesterday. "Silly" has become Misha's favorite sign. He does it all the time. When he sees one of the neighbor boys who is always saying hi to him, Misha invariably signs "silly". But yesterday, I was sitting in front of the computer working and Misha came over and was lounging around. Somewhere in the play, he said I was silly...which usually means that he signs "silly" and we ask who is silly and he signs either "mama" or "papa" depending on who he is talking to and who is being silly. Well, when he called me silly, I sign "no" "you" "silly" and told him "No, you are silly." He shocked me good by repeating the sign sentence "no" "you" "silly".

Misha has picked up on the baby thing. When he sees Kolya, or we are talking about him, Misha will say "bee-bee". That kid may not be able to express himself as fully as another kid, but he understands alot more than he lets on.


Natalie J said...

I haven't seen the baby yet, so it still seems weird to me that he is a big brother now. Don't suppose you guys will be at Mom and Dad's on Sunday. If not, maybe I can swing by your house and take a peek at the baby. If I don't see you, Happy Father's Day!

Unknown said...

Congratulations on your new baby. Josh is a June baby, too. I love the pic of you and Misha. I had a dream of Josh in my hospital bed after I had given birth to #2. The pic just reminded me of that. However, mine was just a dream. The picture just made me smile.
Again, congratulations.

Kajsa Farnsworth said...

Congratulations on the new baby! Misha's signing and saying "bee bee' is amazing! Keep up the great work.