Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Other tidbits

I forgot to add the kids reactions to Kolya's arrival. When I called mom right after he was born, she told the kids and then told me that they were "dancing around the kitchen". This, of course, was probably followed by requests to come see him.

The next morning, I took them over to see mom and baby. We got into the room with Ira and the bassinet containing Kolya and they started asking where he was. I think they thought he would be Misha's size, or something like that. They all got a turn holding him and had a bunch of questions. Misha looked at him, said "Bebe", gave him a lean-in hug and then it was all about Mama. I'll have to post the pic with him on the hospital bed with Ira. He still says "Bebe" whenever he sees him or even when I mentioned his name over the phone. He is aware, but not engaged. He did reach through the crib and try to snag him yesterday morning though. Gonna have to watch him closely, I guess.

The last two nights, either I have been really tired, or dad-preservation mode has kicked in cause I haven't heard Kolya squawking at night. I think I only have woken up when Ira turns on her lamp and blinds me awake, but my selective hearing must be turned on. Not that I am complaining, mind you. I am still tuned in to Misha, though.

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