Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"I love to cook"!!!

Proud of the wife. She passed her naturalization civics and English test with flying colors. She has been studying hard for weeks now. I, of course, had the dubious honor of drilling her with her study materials. I could also pass the test at this point.

We drove up early this morning. I had to speed a bit, no too much, to be on time. She probably walked in the door right at 7.30. As per the docs they sent, I was prepared for 2 hours alone, in the car, with Nikolai. I brought a book and settled in. Luckily, Nikolai fell asleep on the way and stayed that way for the duration. Ira surprised me 1/2 later when she walked out. My first thought was that she failed, the second was that we didn't have right documentation, but then she said that she had passed. But she did. Her English written question was "I love to cook." She passed her civics questions easily.

So YAY! We still have to wait til they tell us where/when the swearing in ceremony will be, but the hard stuff is over. Now the most we have to worry about between then and now is keeping her from getting arrested.


Melanie said...

AWESOME! We are SO Happy for her. IRA-----welcome to being a citizen of the United States of America. GOOD JOB! I AM SO PROUD!

Love you,

Natalie J said...

YAY! Congrats Ira! I hope you got my message this morning. Good Job!