Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Some new words

Misha has graduated from signing "yes" to saying "yah" (sounds like "e-yah"). On any yes/no question (especially where you know the answer will be affirmative). Misha still won't say no. But if I tell him "no-no", he will shake his finger like he is scolding. Even if you ask him to say no, he gets upset. But saying "yah" is great.

Misha also has picked up say "uh-oh" when drops something intentionally or not. This includes utensils at dinner and objects he drops over the railing to the downstairs.

When he is hurt, he will either sign or will say "bo-bo" (russian cutesy form of "ow"). If he falls, he sometimes will say "bup" which I am assuming is his pronunciation of "bonk". Yesterday, they called from school to say that he had fallen on the carpet but was just fine (district policy, I guess). When he got home, Ira asked him about it. He thought it was funny and kept repeating "bup" and laughing.

When I ask Misha to do something, he doesn't always comply. I will start counting to three and then "assist" him in doing it. He has turned this into a game too. Sometimes he will sit down as soon as I make the request (like, "Let's go brush your teeth." or "Let's get your pajamas on.") He will wait until I reach three and then will stand up and go. Sometimes he waits til I start assisting and laughs.

He also is very jealous of Nikolai. Whenever we change Nikolai and he sees this, he will come over and pull at his diaper and grunt meaning that he wants his changed too...even if we changed him immediately prior to his brother. When I am holding Nikolai, he will come over and try to get my attention or if he is cranky start acting more cranky. He will also run off with toys that his brother is playing with. It's not all jealousy though.

The other day, Ira asked "Who does Misha love?" He signed "I" then "love" then pointed at Baba Liza. Then repeated it for Ira. Then repeated it for Nikolai. He will also pat (pet) Nikolai's head or give him "loves".

On the weekends, I am usually up before Ira to get things going. Last weekend, I got up and slipped out of the room and heard Misha talking in the next room ("bilaaa-bilaaa" and "bee-bee-bee"). I opened the door. He slid of his bed and went to one of his toys, sat down, pushed a button and then looked at me and signed "Mom sleeping". That is what I tell him sometimes when I get up..."Shhh. Mama's sleeping." Again he surprises me with how observant he is.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


Natalie J said...

Way to go Misha!!

Shay said...

How wonderful! I know my Sammie can understand me and it's funny when doctors ask me if he communicates I say "yes" and then I say well I communicate with him! The only one who really understands is his pediatrician...who has a child with special needs! Keep up the good work!