Monday, November 10, 2008

Quick update

Nikolai got his first two teeth this weekend. He has been drooling puddles for weeks now and they popped in in the bottom jaw one after another. He is only 5 months, and much earlier than the other kids. Oh well, he is also bigger than the other kids. It will be nice when he goes on solids so he will sleep all night long...not that he bothers me much.

Dasha is on the verge of loosing her first tooth, ironically the same tooth that Nikolai got first. It was bugging her during meals yesterday, so if it isn't out by the time I get home, we'll use the door/string method.

Misha has been going to school for a couple of weeks now. He seems to really enjoy it, from what Ira has said. He loves taking the bus to and from. He even shows how "big" the bus is. We should be having his follow-up IEP anytime now, so we can see about setting some goals.

Asya is enjoying ballet and is excited to be in The Nutcracker as a Party Girl. She is "getting" math this year and it's been much less a headache. She is developing quite the sense of humor.

Kiril is going to be a Party Boy in the same cast as Asya. He just decided to try out for the fun of it. Just like his old man. Only I got to hide behind a big hot grey suit.

Ira's citizenship test is this week. We are both nervous. I think she will pass it easy enough.

Me? Same old, same old. Nothing really changes for me. I work, I come home, I do homework with the kids. I sleep. Still trying to perfect my biking gear so I can keep riding until its too snowy and icy.

P.S. Someone reminded me that I forgot Baba Liza. Baba Liza is plugging right along. She moved to a more advanced ESL class where the teacher doesn't speak Spanish all the time. She takes care of Misha and Nikolai all the time, reads to Dasha and the other kids. She keeps up with her family with weekly calls. Luckily those phone cards are so darn cheap (1.9 cents a minute). In the evenings, when not too busy, we play Rummikub, watch movies (which I translate for her...more or less).

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Melanie said... left out Mama Lisa. How is she doing?

Sounds like things are going good. When are you going to post pics. I want to see how big Nic is getting. I guess it will have to wait two more weeks....then I will get to see him.