Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Not Irish, but I do love bangers

This weekend was the St Patty's day parade in SLC. Asya's dance group was slotted to perform, so it behooved me to drive everyone up for the festivities. A couple notes for next year:

  • Dress the kids warmer (yes, I should have listened to Ira).
  • Bring ear plugs for all for the siamsa afterwards.
  • Bring some lawn chairs for the parade.
  • Figure out a way to be there for the bagpipes, cause that's the only real fun I get out of it.
  • It may be expensive, but set aside some funds for food there. It's darn tasty.
Speaking of which, Kiril really wanted a "hot dog". And I really wanted one too. So I stood in line a while to purchase some fantastically overpriced Irish bangers (sausages). Although I hate standing in line, it turned to my advantage. The vendor, it seems, had failed to get their food handlers permits so they were unable to serve hot food. But, since we were in line, they decided to give us the bangers for free. Yum.

In other news, Asya came home with an award the other day. In spite of us having to get after her all the time, and forbidding her from taking her books to school (cause she reads in class instead of doing her work), she succeeded in placing in the top 10 percent of readers in the nation on her standardized tests. Must have her old man's genes.

Misha has made some great progress in his fine motor skills. Yesterday the KOTM guy, Mark, was there working with him and while we were discussing stuff, Misha stacked three blocks on top of each other by himself, without prompting. We have been working on that stuff for ages. Misha has also started "dancing". He leans his head to one side and starts circling. It's great fun to see. I'll have to film it and post it later.