Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Can Misha READ???

Last night, we went to Mom & Pop's to visit mom who just got back from Washington. As we were leaving Pop was kinda wigged out cause he said that Misha had been rummaging around the pantry, had pulled out a packed of taco seasoning and said, "Taco". Then Pop said Misha pulled out a can of Coke and said,"Coke". We were kinda gobsmacked. Mom asked if we had Coke at home and I answered that we generally don't have any kind of carbonated drinks at home.

So I called Misha over and pulled out the taco seasoning packet and asked him what it was. He said, "Taco! Yum, yum." But then it did have a close up picture of part of a taco on it. Then I pulled out the Coke and asked. I am pretty sure he answered, "Sok", which is Russian for "juice".

I am not sure though. Last week, he brought an advertisement over to Ira for Pizza that didn't have any picture of any pizza on it at all and said, "Pizza."

Maybe it's time to start teaching Misha to read, if it's not already too late.