Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Misha updates

Couple of quick Misha updates.

Misha has strung two words together finally. He began recently to say "Baba Cindy". That is a great leap for him. He doesn't even sign two words in a row generally. He surprised the nursery workers the other day when he told them "on" for some toy he was playing with.

Misha is also more receptive to new books. He occasionally will bring a new one over.

Praying is still going strong. I need to look up some more signs for him to expand his prayer repertoire.

He and Nikolai are quite the odd couple. They can be seen playing the piano together, or sitting at a table playing with stuff at the same time, but then they start taking toys away from each other and smacking each other (Nikolai hits harder than Misha does). Typical sibling relationships. And when Misha is getting changed or going to bed, he never fails to remind one that he thinks that Nikolai should go too.