Saturday, August 29, 2009

Updates, updates everwhere and not a thought to think

Well, it's been a bit. Have been busy. So, here are the updates.

Summer is over. Although not much has changed. Ira decided to home school the kids using a virtual elementary school. Our local district was out of places, so she signed them up (it uses the same curriculum) in a neighboring district. She likes it, though it makes her busy. She is going to be even busier when Dasha starts waldorf.

Ira -- Crazy Russian mom. Homeschooling the kids (her angle is that she gets to learn all this stuff too). She is going to be teaching 3 part days a week at the pseudo-waldorf school. I tell her she is going to be so busy she will drive either herself or me into the nuthouse but she doesn't believe me. Oh, why doesn't she believe me.

Asya -- Started home school. Math still takes her a million years, but she adores history. Can't get enough. Still reads like she is dying of thirst. Get's a kick out of Ira's faux paus when dictating ("singers??? of the Declaration of Independence").

Kiril -- Also started home school. Everyday he whines about how he hates it, whines when Ira makes him correct his mistakes, but still gets done in time to play half the day.

Dasha -- Enjoying life like only a 7 yr old can. She loves playing and can entertain herself for hours. Put her together with Kiril and they get silly really fast.

Bo-ba -- Nikolai is a normal 1 yr old. He is toddling all over the place. Ira finally decided she was tired of him waking up to snack in the middle of the night and got him to sleep through the night in just two or three evenings. He is also building a vocabulary: Mama, Papa, Baba, Allo (when the telephone rings), hamburger (he got that from Misha), Asya, Dasha, Aff-aff (dog, also from Misha), etc. He is a handful.

Misha -- Me-me started school this week. He seems to really enjoy it and is learning. The autism structured class seems to be a beneficial thing. He is learning to sit still, put his feet down, etc. A guy that served in Ukraine the same time as I is one of the asst instructors in his class. He is getting clever though. He can open the doors, if they are not deadbolted and escape, which he has tried. He took off from Baba the other day in the park and headed for a busy street on the far end of the park cause he wanted to see the cars. Baba finally caught up with him right at the street. We gave him a talking to and now he knows that cars can give him owies.

Me -- same ole same ole. Work, work, work.