Tuesday, January 19, 2010


It's been fun with Misha recently...well, it's always fun with Misha. But it's been lots of fun to watch his progress.

--Misha is picking up new words. The other night he picked up a new favorite word "nachos" and repeated it all night long. He really gets a kick out of the "ch" sound in words. He is more willing to try new words. The Nikolai factor has given him a competitive edge.
--I finally saw something specific that Misha has been practicing in school. A couple days ago, he entertained himself, and me, by walking backwards then running forwards across the length of the room. Over and over.
--He is finally getting the knack of hugs and kisses. Before, he would just lean his head in for a kiss whenever you asked for either. He has started giving hugs and kisses spontaneously. Especially to Mama, Baba Cindy, and his favorite Aunt Christy. His small cousins also retain his favor.
--Misha has become an avid artist. Whenever he can find a scrap of paper and a pen/pencil/marker/crayon/improvised writing implement, he will spend a lot of time scribbling.
--We moved the boys back upstairs and now Misha doesn't like to go to bed alone. He always asks for "Iggy" who generally goes to bed later, and will cry at his door, open/shut the door, leave his room until Iggy goes to bed or we chase him back in several times.

Asya -- still enjoying school. We have to get after her for reading when she should be doing something else. English, Russian, it doesn't matter. She reads as if she is starving for the words. Like her old man, I suppose.
Kiril -- Turning 9 this weekend. Tends to make things up when writing school articles. According to Kiril, grizzly bears weigh as much as an elephant, have needle-sharp claws, sharp metal fangs, and strong bones to tackle their prey.
Dasha -- Her reading has taken off. She reads to Misha and Nikolai, or Ira or I.
Nikolai -- Talking up a storm. Usually gibberish, but he is also picking up words. Whether the kids, the parents, or Misha. Very much a mommy's boy.

Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 wrap-up short list

--Successful Russian New Year's party, one 2.5 families.
--Kiril gets baptized.
--Ira battles the system and gets Misha into Giant Steps. (It's been great for him).
--Another farm trip to Lyman, UT. Skipped this one too (had to work, whew). Kids loved it.
--Start Baba Liza's green card process.
--Misha and Nikolai in competition. Lots of progress for both.
--Did round 1 on the HCG diet. Lost some weight.
--Misha starts hugging and kissing people.
--Started temple work for Ira's family (got her crotchety ole dad baptized finally).
--Get Baba Liza's green card.
--Successful Russian New Year's party, 60 people, no accidents.