Friday, December 17, 2010

Long overdue update

Since it seems I will be having a load of free time on my hands in the near future, and considering I have been remiss in blogging the last while, it seems like a good time catch up. So what's been happening you ask? Well:

Asya turned 11. People in our new ward call her "Lee" (that's what she told them her name was when we moved in. It catches me off guard every time.

Ira and I went camping by ourselves and Ira made me go "plain air" painting. I won't show you my painting. I am hoping it was destroyed.
We had our 3rd(?) annual Harding Family Reunion at Heber Valley. Ira had the kids doing all sorts of projects like sculpting and boat making.

Good thing the boys were around to save us all from the big, ole' scary...


We also had several picnics, hikes, etc...

Misha turned 5 and really likes riding his new bike. See how he smiles?!?

Blowing out his cake.
And our annual trek to the zoo
And our annual Turkey Trot to Thanksgiving Rock in Dry Canyon...
And I spent a month in Sydney. I'll try to find the pictures (I took two different camera's on the trips so the SD cards are in different places.)