Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Some new words

Misha has graduated from signing "yes" to saying "yah" (sounds like "e-yah"). On any yes/no question (especially where you know the answer will be affirmative). Misha still won't say no. But if I tell him "no-no", he will shake his finger like he is scolding. Even if you ask him to say no, he gets upset. But saying "yah" is great.

Misha also has picked up say "uh-oh" when drops something intentionally or not. This includes utensils at dinner and objects he drops over the railing to the downstairs.

When he is hurt, he will either sign or will say "bo-bo" (russian cutesy form of "ow"). If he falls, he sometimes will say "bup" which I am assuming is his pronunciation of "bonk". Yesterday, they called from school to say that he had fallen on the carpet but was just fine (district policy, I guess). When he got home, Ira asked him about it. He thought it was funny and kept repeating "bup" and laughing.

When I ask Misha to do something, he doesn't always comply. I will start counting to three and then "assist" him in doing it. He has turned this into a game too. Sometimes he will sit down as soon as I make the request (like, "Let's go brush your teeth." or "Let's get your pajamas on.") He will wait until I reach three and then will stand up and go. Sometimes he waits til I start assisting and laughs.

He also is very jealous of Nikolai. Whenever we change Nikolai and he sees this, he will come over and pull at his diaper and grunt meaning that he wants his changed too...even if we changed him immediately prior to his brother. When I am holding Nikolai, he will come over and try to get my attention or if he is cranky start acting more cranky. He will also run off with toys that his brother is playing with. It's not all jealousy though.

The other day, Ira asked "Who does Misha love?" He signed "I" then "love" then pointed at Baba Liza. Then repeated it for Ira. Then repeated it for Nikolai. He will also pat (pet) Nikolai's head or give him "loves".

On the weekends, I am usually up before Ira to get things going. Last weekend, I got up and slipped out of the room and heard Misha talking in the next room ("bilaaa-bilaaa" and "bee-bee-bee"). I opened the door. He slid of his bed and went to one of his toys, sat down, pushed a button and then looked at me and signed "Mom sleeping". That is what I tell him sometimes when I get up..."Shhh. Mama's sleeping." Again he surprises me with how observant he is.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"I love to cook"!!!

Proud of the wife. She passed her naturalization civics and English test with flying colors. She has been studying hard for weeks now. I, of course, had the dubious honor of drilling her with her study materials. I could also pass the test at this point.

We drove up early this morning. I had to speed a bit, no too much, to be on time. She probably walked in the door right at 7.30. As per the docs they sent, I was prepared for 2 hours alone, in the car, with Nikolai. I brought a book and settled in. Luckily, Nikolai fell asleep on the way and stayed that way for the duration. Ira surprised me 1/2 later when she walked out. My first thought was that she failed, the second was that we didn't have right documentation, but then she said that she had passed. But she did. Her English written question was "I love to cook." She passed her civics questions easily.

So YAY! We still have to wait til they tell us where/when the swearing in ceremony will be, but the hard stuff is over. Now the most we have to worry about between then and now is keeping her from getting arrested.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Quick update

Nikolai got his first two teeth this weekend. He has been drooling puddles for weeks now and they popped in in the bottom jaw one after another. He is only 5 months, and much earlier than the other kids. Oh well, he is also bigger than the other kids. It will be nice when he goes on solids so he will sleep all night long...not that he bothers me much.

Dasha is on the verge of loosing her first tooth, ironically the same tooth that Nikolai got first. It was bugging her during meals yesterday, so if it isn't out by the time I get home, we'll use the door/string method.

Misha has been going to school for a couple of weeks now. He seems to really enjoy it, from what Ira has said. He loves taking the bus to and from. He even shows how "big" the bus is. We should be having his follow-up IEP anytime now, so we can see about setting some goals.

Asya is enjoying ballet and is excited to be in The Nutcracker as a Party Girl. She is "getting" math this year and it's been much less a headache. She is developing quite the sense of humor.

Kiril is going to be a Party Boy in the same cast as Asya. He just decided to try out for the fun of it. Just like his old man. Only I got to hide behind a big hot grey suit.

Ira's citizenship test is this week. We are both nervous. I think she will pass it easy enough.

Me? Same old, same old. Nothing really changes for me. I work, I come home, I do homework with the kids. I sleep. Still trying to perfect my biking gear so I can keep riding until its too snowy and icy.

P.S. Someone reminded me that I forgot Baba Liza. Baba Liza is plugging right along. She moved to a more advanced ESL class where the teacher doesn't speak Spanish all the time. She takes care of Misha and Nikolai all the time, reads to Dasha and the other kids. She keeps up with her family with weekly calls. Luckily those phone cards are so darn cheap (1.9 cents a minute). In the evenings, when not too busy, we play Rummikub, watch movies (which I translate for her...more or less).