Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Me in Sydney. Spent 2 weeks before Thanksgiving and 2 after consulting onsite at a client.
Me at the Opera House right outside the Royal Botanical Gardens.

Palm and Christmas trees side by ain't right.

This is much better. A 3 story tree in a department store.
Went to the zoo one weekend. We thought these were fake until I saw one move.
A view of my work and hotel from the Sydney Tower. I worked in the building second from the right. I stayed in the Marriott 6th from the right, bordering Hyde Park.
A view from work out upon Sydney Central over Hyde Park. The opera house is the two white triangles poking out left of middle.
The deadliest snakes on Earth.
And Dory, maybe. But I can't remember.
I came home to cold, snow, layoffs, Christmas and the inevitable Russian New Year's Party.
Dasha lying around on the job instead of sledding.
Ira and Misha sure had fun.