Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Misha forgets words too

Recently Brady's mom worried about him losing his only word, "Yah!" Has any one else seen that with their 1p36ers I wonder. We have. I am not sure it's right to say it's "comforting" to know that they are similar in this, but it's the possibility that it is connected to the syndrome that helps categorize it. Misha has picked up several words that he uses for only 1 day or maybe even a week, then they are gone. And no matter what we try to do to get him to say them, he wont. He just garbles out his default "word".

He said "park" one day 5 times. The next day it was gone. He also said "Stiiiiinky!" for a few days. Now he just says "Aaee-eeee" (the intonation is right, just the letters are gone). I did't know why he lost that one cause it was one of his favorites. There are other words, but those are the two that popped into my head. There has been only one case I know of where he actually improved his pronunciation of a word. With the song he likes us to sing "All night, all day..." he change Awww yay to Awww dyay all by his lonesome. I don't know whether it is due to apathy, laziness, or just the switch in his head flipping back off, but it has happened.

I don't worry too much for a few reasons. He is improving and growing and advancing. He is picking up other words and signs and sometimes I have to catch up to him. He is a blessing to be around. He is healthy. I figure someday, he will reach the dev stage where he will talk. But whatever, however and whenever he does will be fine with me.