Friday, August 26, 2011

Haven't had much to say, that's why.

Yah, I know. I haven't blogged much. Been busy. Summer know. Ira was taking ESL classes this summer, so I played Mr. Mom whilst she conjugated verbs and played around with past perfective participles or whatever they are. We've been camping a couple of times, been to Ira's friend's cabin a couple of times, but not much else.

When I started my job in March, I knew that it was going to be tough to meet my financial goals...or even keep at the level we were are when we were laid off mainly cause I had taken a 5-6% hit. We managed to bank most of my severance and also the consulting I did. But it wasn't enough. My goals are simple really: Pay the bills, pay the mortgage, pay tithing, put money away, take the wife to dinner. Not big goals. It wasn't long til I came to the understanding that something was going to have to change. So I started interviewing again. If someone wanted to torture me, all they would have to do is make me do interviews. We hates them, we does.

So about 6 weeks ago, I interviewed at a well known place in the valley. My immediate feedback from the interview was really positive. I was quite hopeful of getting an offer...and I waited. Waited. Waited. Finally my source there told me that the senior management had decided to go with the "other guy". I was disappointed but that's life. I know I do not interview well.

So time did some more interviews. A couple of weeks ago Friday, my source chatted me and told me I should be expecting some good news. And good news it was. I got an offer which was beyond my expectations and I decided to go with it. What I found was that my old work didn't want to let me go. But I kept with my decision after some internal wrestling. So off I go.


Melanie said...

Yay. That is very exciting news. Money doesn't bring happiness but it sure makes it a little easier to breath sometimes. :)

Good Luck and Congratulations.

squaw1 said...

Hi there,I'm writing from Poland.We also have a beautiful baby boy with 1p36,Your blog is great and gives me hope for my boy as Misha is doing so great,I'm amazed.Could U give me the link to Ur previous blog as I'd like read how it all started,e.g.when did Ur boy start walking?

Candle Ends said...

squaw1, My previous blog is:

Misha started walking when he was about 1.5 years. His hypotonia hasn't been as severe as many kids with 1p36, but it definitely did affect him.

Genevieve Ross said...

Good to be wanted for work by so many people! Glad that you will be able to reach your lofty financial goals.

Good luck at your new job.

Unknown said...

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