Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cognative thinking

It's quite a thrill when Misha picks up something new. Not only cause he is the baby, but because we just don't know what to expect from him. The 1p36 syndrome is uncharted territory, not only for us, but for the medical world as well. There just isn't any information that can tell us what to expect. So any forward progress is cause for rejoicing.

Misha has recently figured out that electronics are fun. He enjoys pushing buttons, the TV's buttons, the radio's buttons, my buttons. And belly buttons. Ira got him interested in belly buttons so he actively seeks them out. This makes his siblings laugh when he lifts up their shirts in search of the elusive bellybutton, but it makes the ladies in nursery blush a bit.

The other day, he was playing with a couple of wooden boxes that Ira bought and dropped a lid. As per the instructions from the speech therapist, I thought I would try giving him some complex instructions. I told Misha to pick up the lid and put it in it's place. He complied. I was slightly gobbsmacked. Then, a few minutes ago, he was engaged with pulling DVDs from the shelf. He walked over to a DVD laying on one of our end tables picked it up and carried it over and placed it on top of a row of DVDs on the shelf. Then with some prompting I asked him to do the same with one of the DVDs he pulled off the shelf. I was pleasantly amazed when he successfully pulled that one off too. Yay for Misha!

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