Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Misha and the Shrink

Misha recently had an appointment with the UD'oh (Utah Dept of Health). One of a couple he will have in the next month. This one was with a psychologist. Basically they had him in again for observations to figure out how much he has progressed in the past year or so. Or was it six months...I don't recall.

Basically, we got to visit with the psychologist and have her do some diagnostics on the boy. She asked a lot of questions to us and to Misha. He answered some and ignored others and we had to translate the bulk of it. But he did really well. He was really curious and walked around trying to open cupboards and the door and so on. The really exciting bit was when, at the end of the visit, she drew a small bell curve and showed us where Misha is in comparison to other 2 year olds in his IQ range. It turns out that he fits in the lower end of the normal IQ range for 2 year olds (90% of 2 year olds fit into that range). That was very pleasing news.

We know he understands alot more than he can express. The signing helps and we all are learning to communicate better. He also seems to be edging closer to words. He has picked up a couple recently: "Up!" when he wants us to pick him up and "BBBBB-BAA!" (like a rasberry with Baa! at the end) for the russian word for tube(tru-BA). He recently got a cloth and wire frame tube that he loves to play in. So we'll see how he does.

I plan on adding photos here when we get a replacement for the camera that broke on the Mother-daughter retreat. Shame on you Ira for leaving it in the hands of the little ghouls (girls).

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Natalie J said...

I had no idea you had a blog. I will add you to my list on my blog, so at least I will read it! It is fun to see Misha advance as well as he is. See ya soon. Love ya!